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6 Week Challenge

Ready to make a lasting change? Join us for our 6 week body transformation challenge and address those unwanted kilos! Feel confident and look fantastic as you take charge of your health.


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    Why Our 6 Week Challenge WORKS!

    Group Training

    Get ready to get fit and feel great with our group classes! Boost your energy and physical wellbeing - no matter your current level of fitness. Our 45-minute sessions cover everything needed for a balanced, full-body workout including cardio training, strength training & recovery exercises. Time to elevate yourself inside & out ... let's go!

    Nutrition Plan

    Are you ready to lose weight and finally see results with your training? Look no further! Our 6 week body transformation challenge is the perfect solution and includes an easy-to-follow nutrition plan tailored just for you. Outstanding recipe packs, meal planners & more will help you reach those amazing outcomes faster than ever imagined before!


    Unlock your inner potential and achieve amazing results with our revolutionary accountability management system. Let us take the hassle out of motivation so you can focus on what matters most - getting things done! We will regularly check-in on your progress to help guide you every step of the way!


    As part of our commitment to ensuring a smooth start to your journey, we have arranged for two personalised onboarding sessions with an experienced coach within your first two weeks. The initial session is a comprehensive exploration of your health and fitness goals, designed to provide a holistic understanding of your needs. In the second session, we'll focus on crafting a customised nutrition plan, attentively tailored to align with your specific dietary preferences and lifestyle. This approach ensures a well-rounded and supportive beginning to your wellness journey.

    Goal Setting

    During your first week, you'll have a chance to deeply explore your objectives for this challenge and how they align with your longer-term lifestyle ambitions. We understand that everyone's journey is unique, so you and your coach will collaborate closely to set and monitor goals that are specifically suited to you. This tailored approach ensures your goals are realistic, personal, and in harmony with your overall aspirations.


    As your Challenge reaches its finale, you'll undergo a comprehensive health and fitness reassessment. This crucial step is designed to gauge your advancements across various domains, be it fitness, mobility, or weight loss. By doing so, we provide you with concrete, quantitative feedback, allowing you to clearly see the strides you've made towards your long-term goals. This assessment not only marks your progress but also helps in setting the stage for your continued journey towards personal well-being.

    Get RESULTS!


    Take control and reach your weight-loss goals with our effective, tailored nutrition plan as part of our 6 week challenge. You will unlock new possibilities for a healthier life!


    Feel empowered and part of a supportive group as you gain confidence in yourself. Unlock your potential by joining our positive community and be motivated to reach new heights!


    Enjoy amazing activities in good company that will lead to an improved, healthier you. You will feel fantastic unleashing your inner potential when you join us for a healthier lifestyle journey full of fun!


    With our 6 week body transformation, you can achieve a life of radiance and vitality; look fabulous, feel happier & fitter than ever before; sleep better and become the best version of yourself with an extra bounce in your step and a smile on your face!

    What Our Members Say!

    This is by far the best gym and community I have ever been apart of, there is something for everyone with absolutely no judgement from anyone. They have created such a safe and supportive environment to exercise and push yourself physically and mentally. The coaches are so passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. And the classes are amazing!!!!! They show love, patience and understanding towards every single person that walks into the gym. Highly recommend
    Photo of a red-haired lady smiling in the gym | Featured Image for Contact Us Page by AB Fitness Hub.
    Zyera B
    I’m telling everyone how great this place is. Not your mainstream kind of fitness centre. I’m really enjoying the variety of classes. Coach is always there to help and motivate offering a wide selection of exercises that move and strengthen the body. Well done guys. Love your commitment and passion in what you do. So glad I found you - just what I was looking for. x
    Tanya M
    Above & Beyond do exactly that for their community. They are not like any gym I've been apart of. They made me feel so comfortable getting back in to exercise after having my baby. The classes throughout the day are fun and friendly and the team are so accommodating and helpful with my 9month old. They help you stay accountable, they offer hugs, a cuppa, conversation and so much more.
    Chloe F
    The team at Above and Beyond Fitness Hub are incredible. As someone who was wanting to reconnect with my more active past, the guys have been incredible at inspiring and driving me towards setting and achieving my new fitness goals and to be the best version of myself. Highly recommended for anyone of any age or fitness level - these guys will truly go Above and Beyond in making you feel welcomed and inspired to become the best version of you.
    Photo of two men smiling at the camera with their arms around eachother | Featured Image for Contact Us Page by AB Fitness Hub.
    Bart S

    Above & Beyond!

    For decades, our expert team has been transforming lives in the health sector! We empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed for a safe and comprehensive transformation! When you take your wellness journey with us, we will provide a complete and secure experience – it’s unbeatable value. At Above & Beyond Fitness Hub, nothing is spared as we save you both time and money every step of the way.

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