Group Training Classes

Group Training Classes

At Above & Beyond Fitness Hub we aim to create an environment that feels more than just a regular gym. We have an industry-first tailored program that offers real & sustainable solutions for everyday people. We don’t expect you to sign up and do everything on your own. At Above & Beyond Fitness Hub, we help you achieve real & sustainable results by letting our exceptional team of experts do all the planning & thinking for you.

Our specialised small group training classes ensure we cater to all fitness levels by including both regressive and progressive moves in ALL classes. This makes them suitable for just about anyone! With video assistance at every station, our coaches are free to ensure you have the correct form, and our structured timetable ensures you have access to attend every type of class!

If you’re looking for group fitness classes that will keep you accountable and on track, join Above & Beyond Fitness Hub today! 

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Group Fitness Classes

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Cardio Classes

Our Cardio class is a high-energy, fun, and fast-paced class suitable for all fitness levels ranging from beginners to anyone looking to test their limits. In this class we will keep your heart rate high, your body moving and your smile beaming.
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Boxfit Classes

Our dedicated boxfit classes offer an abundance of benefits not just for your physical health, but your mental health as well. Tone your body, burn calories, develop healthy habits, and simply have fun!
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Stretch & Recover

Stretch & recovery are the core aspects of these group fitness classes. Get yourself back on track by surrounding yourself with a positive and supportive environment while working to improve your body's functionality and performance.
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Move & Mobilise

Improve your bodies awareness, performance, and functional strength while reducing your risk of injury with our comprehensive Move & Mobilise group training classes. Train alongside a group of like-minded people and work to encourage each other in reaching goals!
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Strength Classes

Our Strength class is a full-body workout designed to build your functional strength. In these small group training classes, we utilise a variety of exercise variations and equipment to accommodate both the first timer, as well as the weekend warrior.
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At Above & Beyond Fitness Hub, we pride ourselves on providing a connected, supportive, and inclusive community for new and existing members. We encourage and motivate members & their families to better their health and overall well-being in a close-knit family that prides itself on working together.

Whether you’re looking for structured small group training classes including cardio, strength and recovery, or you’re interested in 24/7 access, we provide it all here at Above & Beyond Fitness Hub. From focusing on your mental health and well-being, to dedicated time building your strength and endurance, you’ll feel comfortable and supported at all times when joining our community-based gym.

Join Above & Beyond Fitness Hub Today!

If you’re ready to Get Started with our small group training classes, contact us today at our Jindalee Gym to discuss our flexible range of membership options. If you have some additional questions and would like to learn more about Above & Beyond Fitness Hub, please reach out to our team through our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!