Strength Classes

Why choose Strength Classes?

Our Strength Classes focus on building functional strength. We aim to help all clients build strength in movements and activities that mimic real life. This keeps you strong and reduces the risk of injury in everyday tasks.

Our workouts are all balanced. One major advantage of coming to a strength class is that it targets all areas of the body, including the upper body, lower body, and core. They only take 45 minutes, and we have done all the planning and preparation for you. If you are unsure how to train on your own, or don’t want to plan your own workout, these classes are ideal!

Our coaches are all qualified, helpful and experienced. It is their goal to ensure that each exercise is appropriate for you and that you are using the correct technique and pushing your limits.

If you want to improve function, challenge your limits, move better with less effort, feel stronger, build your basics or keep your progress flowing, then strength classes at Above & Beyond Fitness Hub are worth checking out!

Kickstart your fitness journey with our strength training classes. Contact our team online today to learn more about our group training membership options, or check out our group training timetable here.

Strength Classes At Above & Beyond Fitness

Are Strength Classes Appropriate for You?

Our Strength Classes are designed for ALL fitness, age, and experience levels

It does not matter if you are a first-timer, a newbie, a veteran, or a hard-core weekend warrior. Our workouts are designed to suit everyone.

We utilise a combination of exercise variations and equipment, which helps ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with attending a strength training gym, but with the flexibility to go at your own pace. 

Our certified instructors are passionate about helping our clients reach their fitness goals and have a tailored approach to suit their individual needs. 

In addition to the physical benefits, these classes also provide an opportunity to connect with fellow members and create a supportive network with our extensive fitness community.

What to Expect in Strength Training Classes

Above & Beyond Staff Doing Strength Training

At Above & Beyond Fitness Hub, our strength training classes are designed to help improve overall fitness by increasing your body’s strength through a full range of motion using resistance and weight training equipment in a circuit-style format. 

Our team has carefully curated a selection of progressive and regressive exercises to ensure an appropriate and challenging option at each station for your current fitness level. 

We provide video and coaching assistance, so you receive individualised attention to ensure that you have the correct form and technique and get the most out of each exercise.

Keen to get started with strength fitness classes at Above & Beyond Fitness Hub? Contact our team online now or call us on 1800 950 622.

The Benefits of Strength Training

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Learn the Technique

With video and coach assistance in every class, attending a strength training class at Above & Beyond Fitness Hub is comparable to a PT session in a small group training format. The attention to detail and technique is second to none. Each member can correct and perfect their technique safely with expert assistance.
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Improve your Function

Our strength training classes are designed to help improve overall fitness by increasing functional strength through a full range of motion for all ages and ability levels. By joining our group training program and attending regular strength classes, you’ll notice improvements in your muscle strength and tone.
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Protect your body from Injury

Strength is a vital part of our overall health and well-being. Regularly attending a strength training gym helps to increase your muscle and bone strength and improves joint function. This helps maintain flexibility and balance and allows us to complete activities of daily living with less effort and a reduced risk of injury.
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Increase Your Metabolism

Strength training classes provide a full-body workout that can increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories after exercising and at rest. They also assist with weight management by increasing the muscle-to-fat ratio.
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Maintains Quality of Life As You Age

Strength training has many important benefits that help keep you healthy and independent as you age. It increases strength in tendons and ligaments and helps maintain good posture. It will also help mitigate the muscle loss that comes naturally with aging. Building and maintaining much-needed muscle mass is important to staying strong for everyday tasks. Strength training is also good for heart health by helping to reduce cholesterol, reduce stress and improve sleep.

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Are you just starting your fitness journey, or are you a regular gym buff looking for a change? Above & Beyond Fitness Hub welcomes you into our warm and inviting space, the perfect place to get moving and improve your overall health.

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