Meet The Team

Amanda Burnett

Head of Marketing & Events

Hi! I’m Coach Burnett and my passion is people! My purpose is to always provide a safe, inclusive space that is supportive and motivating! I am also passionate about creating a community that not only supports each other but has a lot of fun doing it! Our hub events will range from Friday night beers after Vibing, weekend BBQ’s, active adventures to weekend long exclusive retreats! I’ll make sure your vibe and social calendar is buzzing, and if you ever need a friend I’m right there by your

About Me

I have a Bachelor in Medical Science so health is my middle name, but I believe that a holistic and balanced approach to lifestyle is important. Mindfulness, positivity, self love and fun is what I’m all about. To work in your passion with amazing people is the best joy to live and I’m living it baby! Besides hanging at the hub, I love to travel, dance, can’t refuse a great beer and a laugh with friends.

Happy Troops

What Amanda's Clients Say
Wow what a weekend we had away together on retreat! In less than 48 hours the amount of activities and group bonding that was jammed in was incredible, not to mention the amount of transformation in such a short period of time. It was like we were in an advanced capsule of growth led by an amazing team and supported by wonderful people. I certainly walked out a different person that I walked in.
The Broadwater Retreat was an absolute cracker of a weekend! It was fun filled with loads of events and even a murder mystery night, which for me was soo much fun. The planning was on point and the whole weekend such a great experience!